Journeys to Explore and Enliven your Passion

Passion Journeys are analogous to the journeys in our lives. Our on-going quests for personal fulfilment take us through amazing adventures. As we face challenges along the path, we learn. We learn what is suitable for us, how to overcome difficulties, how to open our heart, how to flow with the river of life, how to live in harmony with our passion. Sometime our individual self is giving up. But our spiritual passion never gives up. This is the nature of Passion. Always expanding towards fully breathing the beauty of Creation.

In Passion Journeys we have opportunities to embark on physical and spiritual quests to let our passion explore and play within certain physical setting and paradigms. Each journey is unique. Even identical physical setting for the same person yield different journeys at different times.

We are guided by the basic elements shared by all living beings:

Awareness – consciousness that is aware of itself
Purpose – what are we here for?
Passion – prana, life force energy
Action – physical manifestation of Passion
Death – completion of a life cycle
Birth – transformation into a new life form
Integration – the synergy created by all aspects of life

On Passion Journeys we are conscious of the elements of life. We bring awareness to where we are, our adventures and their consequences. Each individual is invited to come with a specific intention – the purpose of the journey for them. We connect with our inner passion, and let our awarness, purpose, and passion guide the choices along the path. It brings us to realize what doesn’t serve us anymore. We let it die gracefully, so we can move on, and birth the new into our journey. Integrating everything together in balanced way is really the art of living passionately.